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MG Cast 1 Nickel Porosity Free Weld

MG Cast 1 Nickel Porosity Free Weld

Update Terakhir 18 / 04 / 2024
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Detail MG Cast 1 Nickel Porosity Free Weld

Kami Menjual Kawat Las MG Cast 1 Nickel Porosity Free Weld Kualitas Terbaik, Terlengkap dan Harga Kawat Las Terbaru.

- Speciallized in low temperature welding of cast irons.
- Formulated coating gives a pulsed arc.
- The arc will penetrate surfaces and contaminants to produce a porosity free weld.
- The heat affected zone is not hardened and stress cracks are almost always avoided.

- Low temperature welding of cast iron in all positions.
- Repairs breaks and cracks in engine blocks, gear housings, and machine bases.
- Ideal for filling holes and building up worn or missing sections which must be machined to final dimension after welding.
- Also for joining cast iron to steel, iron, stainless steel, etc.

Selain itu, kami memiliki Kawat Las lain seperti: MG Cast 31 Nickel-Ferrum Welding untuk kebutuhan bisnis Anda terkait pengecoran logam jenis - jenis dalam industri bisnis.

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